Facilities & Personnel

At our facilities before and after each major personnel shift, we conduct regular wipe downs, floor mopping, sprays, and other sanitization practices (“Cleaning”) using materials, liquids, and disinfectants as approved by recent Health Canada guidelines. These Cleaning and containment practices include, but are not limited to:

Facilities and Operations (Operational/Shift Checklist)

  • Sectional mopping of all hanger floors

  • All door handles and major touch areas

  • All computer terminals and Monitors

  • All desks and high traffic counters

  • All tools and equipment used

All Aircraft (Pre and Post Flight Cleaning Checklist)


  • All major surfaces of access panels

  • All cloth seating and armrests

  • All baggage related storage areas

  • All center cabin walkways

  • Cockpit control panels and avionics

All Aircraft (Stored in Hanger for Later Use)


  • Post Flight Cleaning Checklist Applied

  • Access doorway taped over entry handle

  • Tape marks the time and date of Cleaning

  • Aircraft secured from access once taped 

  • Security tape removed pre-flight only

Facilities and Operations (Prior to Entry/Shift Checklist)


  • Wash hands at the appointed wash station

  • Wipe down mobile phones and laptops

  • Wipe down of backpacks and jackets 

  • Shoe soles wiped down before entry

  • Wear masks and gloves at service counters 

All Aircrew, and Passengers (Pre-Boarding Checklist)


  • Wash hands at the appointed wash station

  • Wipe down mobile phones and devices

  • Wipe down all luggage and equipment  

  • Shoe soles wiped down before boarding

  • Gloves and face masks are issued before flight

Our internal best practices on cleaning and other safety procedures have been created pursuant to recommendations and guidelines as published by the Government of Canada.

For more information email us at: safety@cascadiaair.com