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Before you travel

Due to COVID19, until further notice, any persons entering our facilities and any persons boarding our aircraft with luggage or equipment are required to conduct self-cleaning practices (“Self-Cleaning”) using disinfectants and hand sanitizers as approved by recent Health Canada guidelines.


Also, all individuals are required to adhere to social distancing (6FT or 1.83M) and other safety guidelines as published by the BC Center for Disease Control. All passengers should arrive 45 minutes before each flight to conduct our safety Pre-Boarding Checklist as described. 

We have modified our aircraft seating capacity to a maximum of 6 passengers to provide more distance per passenger. Disposable gloves and masks are provided during each flight. Aircrew personnel has the right to deny boarding to any persons at their sole discretion.


We have adopted Part 2 – Health Check and Questionnaire for Health Check practices on managing travelers and check-in procedures pursuant to Transport Canada Interim Order Sub-section 6.41(1) of the Aeronautics Act.


For more information please email:

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Facilities & Aircraft

At our facilities before and after each major personnel shift, we conduct regular wipe downs, floor mopping, sprays, and other sanitization practices (“Cleaning”) using materials, liquids, and disinfectants as approved by recent Health Canada guidelines

Our internal best practices on cleaning and other safety procedures have been created pursuant to recommendations and guidelines as published by the Government of Canada.


For more information on our safety practices, click here or email us at:

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